Let’s face it; we’re all stressed out to the max right now. Exams are the culmination of a year’s worth of work and a time when students often just do not know what to do with themselves. I’m here to help! I present to you #StudyBreak

1. Go on a walk (30-90 minutes)


Campus is never short of amazing places to walk to. Take a hike down to the beach or the overlook! Walk down Loch’s trail to the end and back. Even just walk down the hall to a friend’s room and chat.

Map of walk

2. Listen to some music with no work in front of you. (5-20 minutes)


A lot of us study with music because we need something blocking out background noise, I know I find it very hard to study when I can hear other people around me. Put your headphones in and put your work away for 15-20 minutes. It’s amazing how relaxing and refreshing putting some music on can rejuvenate your will to study. My Spotify exam playlist: https://play.spotify.com/user/12125323319/playlist/4ctLyHOY8ILM9FCSuhP4Mp share yours in the comments below or tweet them at me @ronnockoch

3. Go get food! (30-60 minutes)


Feeling tired? When was the last time you ate? And I mean really eat, not that left-over Easter chocolate you promised yourself you could have when you finish reading a section of that textbook you never thought you’d need. Head over to Tim Hortons or even better the Fresh Food Company and enjoy a meal that does not revolve around completing sections of your review. Better yet, bring some friends!
4. Visit a friend (5-∞ minutes)


You’re not the only one who’s stressed, all your friends are! Except that one lucky duck who managed to have 1 exam and is done on the second day of exam period. A visit from a friendly face will do more than you think to them and you :)
5. Plan a dinner off campus (Planning: 5-10 minutes. Execution: 60+ Minutes)


Sudbury is filled with incredible restaurants: The Laughing Buddha, Wacky Wings, Towne House, Little Montreal, Peddlers, Made in Canada. Plan an evening with friends (or alone, that’s fine too :) ) to go out and vow not to bring study notes with you. You have to keep yourself sane to pass exams.

Map downtown - https://www.google.ca/maps/search/restaurants+near+Downtown+Sudbury,+Sudbury,+ON/@46.4901359,-80.9937192,16z

6. Read for pleasure (15+ minutes)


While hard to find time to read anything other than a textbook, required readings or anything more substantial than Which Minor “Friends” Character Are You Based on Your Zodiac!, reading for pleasure can be food for you!

7. Jump on the bus! (~45 minutes)


Grab some headphones and head out to one of the many bus stops on campus with your student card and do a complete cycle on the 500 University via Paris on the :15 and :45 until 5:45. Getting out of your room/the library and clearing your head while getting a chance to do some people watching sounds like a great idea! By the time you get back on campus you should be ready to crush that paper or continue studying.

Back of the bus

8. Play a Video Game (Win first round: 15-30 minutes. Keep losing: 30-When You Start winning Again minutes)


If you’re anything like me, and some of you are, you’re a video game person. Clearing my head can be accomplished pretty quickly by playing a few rounds of a video game and then getting back to the grind.
9. Put on a TV show or a movie! (22-90 minutes)


Throw on an episode of Scrubs (highly recommend), watch the Jays Game, root for your favourite NHL team in the playoffs, or watch a movie from your childhood (Toy Story anyone?) Although stay away from Netflix, once it sucks you in it’s so hard to get away!

Are you still there GIF

10. Make summer plans (10-15 minutes)


We’re all eager to start planning summer plans but why wait until you’re done everything? Start making them during a study break! Planning a trip to Paris with friends? (Invite me…) Going camping? Roadie? Nothing is out of the realm of possibility. Once you’re in a more positive mental state from imagining all the fun and awesome things you’re going to do this summer you’ll be in a much better mood to continue studying.


My name is Connor and I’m a 4th year History and Education student at Laurentian. I’ve been a tour guide on campus for 3 years. Ideally I would like to continue my education with a masters in history but I’ll wait and see where life takes me. Until then I’ll be blogging, researching and photographing my way through life!

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    I’m the author of this guest blog and would love to hear your comments / recommendations about either my writing or anything else!

    Best of luck on all your exams ^.^


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    Awesome blog!

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