1. Dress for comfort and warmth instead of dressing for style.

You get over the “dressing to look cute” phase quite quickly when it is -30 out.

2. French is useful in more places than Quebec and France.

Sudbury is a bilingual city that has given me many opportunities to practice outside the classroom! Even if you’re not taking courses in French, it is cool to learn phrases from one of our national languages.

3. You’ll build strong opinions about cheese curds.

Having apparently been pronouncing “poutine” wrong my entire life and being lactose intolerant, I never thought I’d have commentary on the cheesey goodness that tops my favourite Sudbury blizzard food. But here we are.

4. Never think the weather change is permanent.

Seriously. Also, always throw a coat in your car; you never know when you’ll get a flat on the side of the road, or end up staying out later than you anticipated. Kudos to my mom for always forcing me to bring a jacket.

5. LU campus is one thing, but the city of Sudbury is a whole different adventure.

EXPLORE! There are so many activities. You wouldn’t think a mining town like Sudbury would have an arts scene, but establishments like the Sudbury Theatre Centre and art festivals like Up Here beg to differ. Even taking a walk at Bell Park can unleash your creative side!


One of seven murals painted downtown leading up to and during Up Fest 2015

6. One of the perks of a small school, is the opportunity to get involved in more things than you ever imagined.

Get involved in clubs. Get involved in intramurals. Get involved in politics. Get involved in reading and writing andwriting.

7. You can make a new family wherever you want. 

I know my measly four hours away from home is insignificant compared to the distances some people have traveled to experience Laurentian, but nevertheless, once I found people to spend time with in the library, who would join me for dinner, or meet me for a cappuccino, Sudbury really did become my new home.

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