Hey bloggies!

Well, I hope you all enjoyed my V-Blog last week! From what I saw on our site stats, it seemed to get a really great response! With that being said, I’ve come to think that the student blogs really benefit from added media – which is the exact reason I’ve decided to make this blog my first ever photo gallery! I’m going to show a day in my life, represented through photographs taken on my iPhone 4. (Don’t judge me if it’s pretty boring – it is exam time after all!)

Here we go..

Photo 11-15-2013, 2 05 47 PM This is a Dragon Fruit! I basically only took a picture of it because it looked kind of neat and I thought it was really healthy for you. But… It tastes pretty gross. The texture of kiwi, but the taste of cardboard. Not so delicious!

Photo 11-19-2013, 2 39 37 PM I re-read the final issue of the Lambda for this semester. The new issue comes out in January, and should be a great one, so stay tuned! Also, beside that is a nutty caramel almond latte, made with almond milk and nutty caramel tea from my favorite place, Tea and Bloom! Exciting, I know.

Photo 11-30-2013, 1 30 22 PM Well, this picture has to be my favorite. Here we see my boyfriend, Kyle, who I’m sure you all have seen in past posts, covered in all of our laundry. And hey, don’t judge us – for a total of $3.20 a load, we want to make sure it counts! And if you aren’t separating your whites from your darks, you’re doing it wrong.

Photo 12-8-2013, 2 15 56 PM After laundry we decided to talk a walk on the path behind Huntington, that leads down to the gym side of campus. As you can see, the path is deadly icy, and usually stays that way all winter – Kyle likes to call it the Redbull Crash Ice Course.

Kyle: "Can I be in it?!" Kyle wanted to be in the picture lol.

Photo 11-29-2013, 12 37 57 PM After the walk we decided to take a trip to downtown Sudbury, for some Christmas shopping, and, of course, Tea and Bloom Tea! Pictured above is goji berry tea – it’s the fruit with the highest amount of antioxidants, and after the tea has steeped for a few minutes you eat the berries! Delicious.

Photo 12-7-2013, 7 42 20 AM And the rest of the night was spent studying! One exam down, four more and a major paper to go!

And that’s pretty much it for my day, bloggies! I hope none of you are too stressed about exams, because we all get to go home sooner than we know it! And if you’re in desperate need of a break, try doing some Christmas shopping to get your mind of school! :)
I’ve found the perfect study playlist, which you guys can check out for yourselves here: http://8tracks.com/thegirlnamedjedrzejko/ultimate-study-playlist-i, and I’ll write again next week!

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