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What a mess…

Hey Guys!


Its been a busy few days here in Rez, as it is Alcohol Awareness week. I just thought I would give ya’ll an update on some of the events that have been held in Rez so you can see whats going on!


Yesterday, there were two events being held on Student Street (the hallways that connects all the residences together). The first event was a pudding drop. This consisted of someone standing on a chair, with a cup of pudding, and another person laying on the ground. The goal of this event was for the pudding to be dropped into the other persons mouth but as you can imagine, it didn’t always work out that way!


The second event that happened during the day was a good ol’ putting contest. They rez team had set up a fake green, and everyone who participated got a chance to compete. This event had a great turnout and was a lot of fun. Let’s be honest, who doesn’t enjoy a good game of mini-putt (cheap date idea, try to remember that for later!)


At night, there was an open-mic night planned for everyone in Rez to attend. There was coffee, water, and a bunch of other snacks. A lot of students came out to enjoy some talented people here at L U, including one guy who brought his giant blanket with him. There were students hanging out, some just chilling, and even certain individuals (my buddy Ryan and myself….yes myself) doing homework! It was a great event and was an extremely relaxing setting.


Tonight there is the Rez version of Jeopardy, and Family Feud is later in the week. As I mentioned last blog we have the annual Baseball tournament coming up on Sunday so that should be a blast. My hockey team, the Twocans, take the ice again tomorrow night to try to continue our undefeated season. Hope everything is going well for everyone and that they are getting excited for October because surprisingly it is right around the corner.


Blog ya later!

Getting cleaned up!

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