I wake up every morning and try to follow Tony the Tiger’s words of wisdom: Eat right, practice hard and do your best! Usually get up around 6 or 7 do some push ups, pull ups (if I have a bar) and core; then “prepare breakfast and eat hearty” (300 lol). Then its time to head to my first workout. I generally have 2 workouts a day. Lifting and Sprints. I usually spend around 2 hours at the gym. I  lift quite heavy and take long breaks to get the maximum effort on every repetition. This helps to build my strength base for the bike. I try and do lots of core at the end of the workout as well. Following weight training I’ll have another hearty meal then head out on the bike to do my sprints. Usually adds up to 4-5hrs of training a day. Following that I eat every couple of hours right up til bed time. Fuel the machine!

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