Applying to an Ontario Medical School: What to know

Campus, Career, Studying

October 17, 2016

Many students in post-secondary and graduate programs may be interested in applying to an Ontario Medical school. The...

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A Story of Lost Assignments

Studying, Travel⛵✈️

April 16, 2016

This is a story of lost assignments….  It was early March and the day had started like any other day in Bangkok,...

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Building your CV – Part 1


February 18, 2016

Dear Students, The life we’ve grown accustomed to will end. It’s sad to say but unfortunately it’s...

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Holidays abroad


January 7, 2016

The city of Tubingen is empty. The students have all departed for their homes, but I’ve decided to stay. Home was...

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The Necessary Apps every Student Needs – Part 1

Studying, Uncategorized

October 20, 2015

Hello to all my Laurentian students. University is in full swing now and we’re all quite busy. From organizing...

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What do we do now? Overcoming Lethargy


September 17, 2015

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Laurentian for another exciting year! Unfortunately I will not be joining all you...

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International Exchange: Travel Hacks


August 24, 2015

Hello all current and prospective students of Laurentian University my name is Brandon and this is my first blog post...

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