5 Things University Taught Me


June 15, 2017

My 4 years at Laurentian University have come and gone so quickly its hard to even believe they happened at all! Of...

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Cancer Awareness Series: Be Your “Breast” Self


February 5, 2017

LISTEN. I know most of you girls reading are thinking: “Chill, Carolyn, I’m only in my 20’s!...

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Meal-Prep and Chill: A Student’s Guide To Healthy Eating

Health & Wellness

January 10, 2017

2017, it’s here. New year, new you, am I right? A new year can mean different things for many people, but for...

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Myth Buster: Drinking and Driving Edition

Health & Wellness, Sudbury, Uncategorized

November 14, 2016

I bet you’ve heard them all, there’s the “Oh, don’t worry I’ve had enough water so...

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Riding The Waves: A student’s guide to loving talk-radio

Campus, Uncategorized

October 10, 2016

As young adults growing up in the Digital Age we have had the opportunity to learn and experience things in ways that...

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