Dear Students,

The life we’ve grown accustomed to will end. It’s sad to say but unfortunately it’s true. Booking your courses to fit your sleep schedule is a luxury we enjoy as students but it can’t last forever. Soon we will be on the hunt… the job hunt!

What do you want to be?


What do I want to be? Where do I want to be? I’ve asked myself at least a million times, and I”m sure most of you have too. Wherever you see yourself in the future, it’s going to take work. It’s a competition between you and whomever else shares your passions. Thats the job competition. I’m sorry to say but our job security as young people is not the greatest. We need to show our worth and prove it to our employers. Before we get a chance to show off all the skills we’ve learned as students at Laurentian, the first thing employers base our worth off of is a CV. Or curriculum vitae if you’r into that sort of stuff 😉 If you’re a student of Laurentian or any other University you’ve definitely heard of the dreaded CV. However, is yours strong enough to get that ever important interview…..?

How to build the perfect CV.

The CV! It’s the first meeting you and your employer will ever have; but hopefully not your last. It will open up many new doors and opportunities.. but how can you make it a little better?

1. You can be flexible 

Remember, there is no concrete way to write a CV and if you have one that works.. DON’T CHANGE IT! However, if you do change your CV try to keep the structure clear and easy to follow. Your future employer might go through hundreds of these and you want to “POP” out!

2. There’s the ‘IMPORTANT’ and the NOT so important information…


1. First and foremost, you need to avoid spelling and grammar mistakes. This can be a real killer. Now if you’r we’re the employer would you hire you’re next employee who didnt take the time to spell check?… Didn’t think so 😉

2. Next, you should always tailor to the job you are applying for. For example if you are applying for a job in a law firm and don’t think you have enough ‘relevant’ experience on a team; you can always tailor your experience, of a past job for the one you’re applying for… Remember.. You didn’t “Work as a Perkins chef”; you “Were part of the Perkins cooking TEAM”.

3. This brings us to our next point. Be original! Don’t use the same old passive, solitary hobbies. Pick something fun that you enjoy. This can help you stand out in a stack of CV’s.

4. And finally remember, Be Positive. Be Honest and Be Yourself. Remember that YOU deserve this job. That your time spent in school and in other jobs has qualified you.

5. Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Another great opportunity to improve your CV is to obtain your TEFL, especially in our generation. Teaching english is challenging. Often times you are the only native english speaker in the area. For this, it looks great for employers. If shows LEADERSHIP, ADAPTABILITY, TEAM WORK, WORKING UNDER PRESSURE, and many more qualities. These are skills any boss would love to see in his/her’s employees. I have been blessed with an amazing opportunity to teach english in rural Thailand. I write to you now from the small city of Sam Chuk; a small city 4 hours north of Bangkok. This is my second time to Thailand, and I assure you that this has been a life changing experience.

Below are some pictures from today! February 18/2016

Me and a few of my lovely students :)

Me and a few of my lovely students :)


My cousin Lexi (left), Sister Katrina (middle)

My cousin Lexi (left), Sister Katrina (middle)


Ending Message…

Do not dread the CV!!. It’s a part of life and an opportunity for you to showcase a few of your wonderful talents for your future employer. It’s actually a wonderful thing :) ……..

And remember to Keep calm, stay positive and never give up! It’s a competitive job market but I assure you, if you stay tenacious everything will be okay.

P.S My next post about teaching english as a second language will be up soon! If you have any questions do not hesitate to leave a comment

Don’t forget !

We have some great services offered at Laurentian. It’s time to take advantage and get ahead of the competition. Go checkout the “Career and Employment Centre“. The Centre offers support services for undergraduate, graduate students and alumni of all disciplines. They can help you search Job postings, on-campus jobs, Internship opportunities, career fairs, employment counselling, resume/cover letter and interview workshops and much more!

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