Well, hello.

Or goodbye J But I like to think soon hello!

Alas we all knew this time would come, and here it is. The end of my first year at Laurentian University. Let me be the first to say it has been fantastic!

So, bring you up to speed!

I’ll be staying in Sudbury this summer, as the VP Issues job is certainly taking up quite a bit of time. Oh hey! Any SGA/AGE members out there? If so, I’m your VP Issues! Got a problem? See an awareness campaign going on? It’s mine! Keep reading, I’m planning some awesome stuff and you right here will be the first to know!

First thing I get to deal with: saying good bye to floor mates. How do you say good bye to the people you lived, bonded, cried and laughed with? You say see ya later.

So tomorrow being Good Friday a theatre professor Mr. Ulrich Sikora has written and is now directing “A Hitchhiker’s Guide To Hope.” This gripping 75 minute play is one woman’s journey across time and space when trying to give up on humanity, and here she sees all the places hope was ever felt. Music, lights, sets and amazing actors make me super excited to see this. And a good friend of mine is in it. No big deal!

Also in trying to fit my agenda with things to do other than work are events which surprisingly involve our president, Mr. Dominic Giroux who I had a meeting with today. We (the executive of the SGA/AGE) were able to bring up our plans, issues and ideas for next year and collaborate. Anyways! In the beautiful and scenic rotunda (aka the nice pretty spiral staircase leading up to the library) Mr. Giroux will be holding the Sudbury Families Campaign Launch, which is….some kind of initiative for families! More to come on that. The next night on the 27th is the Innovative Film Program Viewing, which is, in my opinion, really exciting! This is a collaboration between English Film/Media Studies and the Theatre department in a quasi film program that actually allows students to film and explore that frontier. With this, I continue to be surprised at how Laurentian finds unique and creative ways to grow.

And now, it is my turn as a student leader. Tim Campbell here signing off until next year. A time to explore, to love, to do things I’ll never forget. If you see me on campus, do say hi! Or even come by the SGA Office in the Parker Building and be like “Oh hey, I read your blog.” If you do this I might actually engage in humorously embarrassing behaviour demonstrating something that looks like excitement.

Lead, when others will only follow.

Speak, when others will only listen.

Act, when others will only ignore.




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