I congratulate everyone for surviving these past few weeks! I’m sure you all deserve a good break (I know I do!) from all the work so I have compiled a list of awesome things to do in Sudbury this reading week!!

A Night of Bowie

For all you Bowie fans out there, Northern Lights Festival Boreal presents a night of musical celebration for the amazing artist. The David Bowie Night takes place February 13th at the Townhouse and tickets are only 10$ at the door. So bring your friends, dress up like your favorite Bowie and win some great prizes. Fun fact: Proceeds are going to the Northern Lights Festival Boreal!

Vive le vent d’hiver!

For those of you who are not from the Sudbury area, let me inform you that there are MOUNTAINS of snow during this time of year. As it turns out, you can do some REALLY FUN STUFF with that much snow. So rally up a bunch of friends and go make a snowman, have a snowball fight or even go sliding! Check out Kayla’s blog here for more cool ideas!

Old school winter carnival

If you would like to kick it up another level and spend an entire day in this beautiful winter weather, the annual Walden Winter Carnival is being held until February 14th at 3:00 pm. I encourage you to embrace the outdoors and enjoy wood carving, horse drawn carriage rides, maple taffy demonstrations, bubble soccer and many more activities!

Walden Winter Carnival 2014

Walden Winter Carnival 2014

Boards Games and Chill

Spend the night playing any board game you could possibly think of while sipping on the best chai tea lattes at Scrabbalatte Board Game Café. I personally recommend playing Pandemic, Mastermind and the very popular Cards Against Humanity. Did I mention LU students get 50% admission every Tuesday?

Hit the books…sort of

Unfortunately, many of us (including myself) have midterms, lab reports and assignments due after the break. That being said, it isn’t completely necessary to quarantine yourself in  your room with all your books from the rest of society as if you have some awful disease. Maybe try setting up a breakfast study date, LU students get 10% of at Ti Amo every day of the week! If you are looking for study tips, check out Marika’s blog on how to study here.


If you have any other suggestions, send them my way. Otherwise, have a great reading week!

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