By Aditi Nimkar

Let’s start out with some basic facts.


Smoking is one of the most common habits seen among university and college students. It’s the nicotine in tobacco that makes smoking addictive and as we know, addictions of any kind are harmful for our mind and body. So, this school year lets try and quit smoking. 

Here are some reasons why you should consider quitting:

1 ) Quit for your heart

Quitting decreases workload on heart and improves your cardiac function. 

giphy (1)

2 ) Smoking affects your sex-life!

Oh yeah! You heard it right, smoking leads to erectile dysfunction and reduces sperm count in males. It also reduces fertility in females.giphy (2)

3 ) Food will taste better!

Nose and mouth nerve endings regenerate, improving taste and smell senses. That bacon is going to taste better than ever!
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4 ) Save that money!!!

A small pack of king-sized Belmont cigarettes costs $10.50, that is  $60 a week, $300 a month and $3000 a year approximately, now think about other things you can do with these $3000, these savings for two years can get you a nice car or you can plan your dream vacation! 

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5 ) Quit smoking to look better!

Body odour and breath will smell better, teeth will become whiter, skin will have reduced wrinkles, because the skin is getting its elasticity back.

giphy (5)

6 ) You can save lives!

According to Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, second-hand smoking increases chances of heart disease and lung cancer in non -smokers. If you quit, you can help save your friends and loved ones from getting any kind of lung or heart related disorder.

 giphy (8)

7 ) Dating life! 

As only 20% young adults from 18-29years age smoke, your dating life will be limited to the smoking population, whereas if you quit, your dating game will get better than ever!

source (1)

Even though we talk only about smoking cigarettes, smoking weed, cigars or cigarillos, hookah and vapes can be equally harmful. Lets try to quit or at least reduce the use of these substances and take a step forward towards making our campus smoke free. If you need help with your quitting, you can get free help on campus! Just contact Leave the Pack Behind at  

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  2. Brooklyn says:

    Smoking is terrible! I quit smoking 3 years ago thanks to my dog! He could not bear what I smoke. The dog kept roaring and running. I hope you also have a motivator. And if not, look for it here dogfoodadvisor. Your dream is already close)

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