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As some of you may know, last night and all of this morning the J.N Desmarais library at Laurentian University had their first ever Late Night against Procrastination event put on by our very excellent, Center for Academic excellence in partnership with the J.N Desmarais library! Why do you care? Well for starters there was free pizza, but what you really missed out on was an all nighter that could have been spent at the library since it just never closed last night! Jealous? You should be because that not all you missed… just take a look at the activities that were available to student all night/morning!

Your late night guide too... other things then homework

Your late night guide too… other things then homework


And just to make sure I can inform you all of how great it was… I decided to try my luck at pulling an the all nighter myself, so I could experience all the awesome services and activities available for students :)


Yoga with John from YALU (YOGA at Laurentian University) in the Brenda Wallace Reading room at 10pm.

  • nothing better then getting rid of some stress and tension then by giving your body some much needed stretching… especially after sitting at a desk for so long!
Just some downward dog for your study

Just some downward dog for your study

John & I trying for a photo up doing side crow

John & I trying for a photo up doing side crow









Midnight snack at… well, midnight.



Nothing better than pizza. mmmm

Nothing better than pizza. mmmm




  • So remember that free pizza I mentioned? All students who indulged in the midnight snack can thank the wonderful Toppers pizza connections of the SGA for hooking that up!




Drop-in academic advising from 8pm-midnight & English writing assistance from 8pm-8am

  • Yes you read right, these wonderful people stayed way passed their office hours to provide students wih extra help. Be it future planning or even going through your essay, these people definitely went the extra mile.


Now this definitely wasn’t on the schedule but was very much needed in order to refresh our minds and get back to our homework. You can see my best friend passed out on the couch behind me.

LNAP nap

Remember study snacks are so important.

LNAP snacks


De-stress Smudging at 2am.

  • Definitely was a cool experience! For an event happening at two in the morning the turnout was great! The smudge stick used consisted of tobacco, cedar, and sage which were incorporated to relieves student stress. 
The turnout for 2am smudging

The turnout for 2am smudging


Surprise Study Snack at 3am.

  • No need to send out any announcement in the library.. everyone came running when they smelt freshly popped popcorn.
Popcorn courtesy of the SGA

Popcorn courtesy of the SGA


De-Stress Zone available to all student no matter the time!

  • Now this was a pretty cool set up, and didn’t even realize how much I loved it till I was just about done in the library. The De-stress zone had play dough, coloring books, cards, coffees and teas which really helps when you just needed to blow off some steam after hours of studying.

Just a University Student playing with Playdough

relax 2



After that my, vision goes dark because I literally could not keep my eyes awake any longer. This girl just can’t do all nighters… so although this looked super fun (because it was) all students should keep in mind how badly ones mind can be effected by pulling an all nighter and what that will do to your learning capacity the next day. So it might be best to take time management or study tip tutorial that academic excellence offers for students (much like the ones held for the late night against procrastination) so that your not stuck pulling an all nighter to finish an assignment due the next day.

Lastly, Just a huge thank you to all the staff that took part in Late Night against procrastination. I asked  the head of Center for Academic Excellence “why, for the first time ever, did Laurentian decide to keep the library open for 24hrs?” Her response was “A lot of the University have started keeping their library open for 24hrs, yet although this is helpful we wanted to make sure that for those 24hrs our services here at The Center for Academic excellence were available for students late into the night to show that we care, and want to see the students succeed”. Well Center for academic excellence if your reading this, I just want to say I had a great time, it was definitely helpful, and that I look forward to next semester when hopeful Late night Against Procrastination; Take 2, occurs!

Nighty Night/Good morning Voyageurs!

Cheers x

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