Day 1

Fastest time of the day in the standing 250m… did 18.47s on the timing tape (video play back says 18.53s).

18.47s on the timing tape (which I can compare to previous timing) is a personal best…my first 125m was faster than previous however my 2nd half lap was slower. That means I need to pick up on speed (which the time away from the track in the cold with no speed work didnt help) Doing motor accels and flying 100m should bring it up. Starts in big gears and weights should help my first 125m.

Whether I ride pan ams or not is still uncertain. I should know by next week. Either way, I know what I have to work on here and when I come home.

I am not super pleased with the time, but I just got back… I expect a lot from myself and a lot is expected of me. If I can drop a tenth on the 125 and a tenth on the 2nd half and I’ll be at 18.2… It would be a respectable time, and doable.

I see room for improvement everywhere… Which is a good thing. Means there’s lots of potential.


Today I was not as fast, as expected… I was only able to 10.8 for the flying 200m which was a bout 1 tenth slower than the fastest time… But I know im lacking speed. Just stuff I have to work on this spring and summer. My coach Adam and I have a plan for me for the entire summer to make me starter. Same plan used by the former british team starter and Olympian. Starts and flying 100m and bring in motor accels close to competition. Really focus on ripping the 100s hard with a slower lead in over a big wined up to get my accelration and jump up.

I will not be attending Pan Am Championships. This does not come to me as a shock at this point. The preparation I had this winter was far from ideal but now I can build on what I have to be solid for next year. I will be returning home next week to begin building a solid foundation and strength base to become the starter for next year. Though missing this oppertunity presents some disapointment, it provides me with the oppertunity to begin to focus on my very specific training to start.

This only fuels my motivation

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