By Sydney Franc

We’re all in this together, like actually, we’re all going to the gym to write exams.

While exam time is usually one of the most dreaded times of the year, there is always the flip side. Vacation, and to help get you out of here, I’m going to share some tips and tricks to get your studying done and successfully pass those exams!

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So let’s start, off with an easy one.

time driving GIF-downsized_largeGet rid of distractions:

While your phone can be a helpful tool, all those notifications, apps and games are going to get in the way of your concentration

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Speaking of distractions:

Find a place to study that is conducive to your learning needs, if you need quiet, the third floor of the library can be good, or if you prefer a little bit of noise maybe the atrium will work!

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Explain your answers to other people:

By explaining your answer to someone else, you’re more likely to remember it, so pair up and get chatting (about school… not what happened at the Jays game last night.)

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Take breaks:

When I say take breaks, I mean take five minutes, stretch your legs, get your coffee and get back to it. Don’t go watch an episode of Netflix, or you will just watch Friends instead of studying.

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Get a snack:

I know we all want to binge on some Dairy Queen and McDonalds, but try going for some healthier options, get some veggies and protein, to keep your brain going strong.


Don’t forget the water:

Staying hydrated will also force you to take regular breaks, and will help you stay focused, besides your brain is over 70% water.

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You’ve got this, exams are tough, but you’re tougher. So let’s kick off exam season, and don’t forget to celebrate when they’re all over!

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