Whaddap everyone, I just got some spare time since the chaotic day (move-in day) so Josh and I have decided to do a co-blog. Throughout this epic journey, my writing will be in the normal text, and my writing (Josh) will be in this text. Please do your best to follow as we are trying something new! As Chad was saying, move-in day had campus in quite a buzz with over 1000 students moving into our residences! This all happened with minimal hiccups and I’m sure parents would agree that a huge shout out is deserved for all the work done by the Move In Crew. Saturday was by far the busiest day of the weekend. I think we counted about 50 keys left for University College Rez by the end of the night. After a good sleep, our amazing move-in crew was back at it bright and early Sunday morning. Thankfully, the weekend passed without any major issues and everyone moved smoothly.

On the Sunday, all the frosh travelled to the Fraser auditorium to take in the frosh play. Now this was my third time taking in the play, and it is safe to say that it did not disappoint. After the play, everyone was invited to a carnival put on by the Orientation team here at Laurentian. The highlight of the carnival was the mechanical bull that they brought in. I mean, whenever there’s a mechanical bull, you know that it’s time to party. Check out the Orientation schedule for the month of September they have tons of great things planned! After the carnival, everyone in Rez wandered back to West Rez to take in the mandatory meetings. After that, I decided to hold my first floor meeting of the year. To be honest, I was quite nervous before it, the past two years I just had to sit there and look pretty (pretty easy to do to be honest). However, this year I was the one running the meeting. It took a while to finish, but after everything was said and done, I felt 100X closer to my floor.

Next on Monday came with the SGA Beach day, which unfortunately the weather did not comply for however due to some great planning students still got to enjoy a fun filled day of activities in the Ben Avery including: Soccer, Swimming, Badminton, Basketball and Dodge ball.  Then after all these fun filled days Wednesday we swung right into the first day of classes!

Last night to keep FROSH WEEK rolling; LU Residence hosted for the second year in a row the Yuk Yuk’s Show “Big Laughs for Big Brothers and Big Sisters Sudbury”.  As a Big Brother myself, I know how much the program has an impact in people’s lives I am very to please to announce that $6000 dollars were raised for the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Sudbury!! Also we had many laughs given to us comedians Graham Chittenden, Gilson Lubin, and Trixx! Lastly going into a great weekend of weather the fun continues with REZ FEST tomorrow!!!

Before we round out this blog, I would just like to welcome my boy Josh O’Connor to the twitter world. You should definitely toss him a follow @josh_p_oconnor, and like always, be sure to follow @ChadScans. Just a couple of Laurentian studs doing what they do best.

Thanks for listening,

Blog ya later!

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