Where to begin…these past few weeks have been insane, fun, stressful, exciting, intense, and basically any other word you can use to describe the past. I am getting settled with my new floor in rez, and love every single person on it! I am super lucky to have a great floor and can’t wait to make many memories with all of them. Since move in day, we have done many events, which have all been quite successful. The most recent event was the Terry Fox Run. Everyone in rez was bussed over to the park, where we all walked back to rez together. In total, all residences raised around $9000 which is AMAZING!!! Good work to everyone who helped plan it and everyone who participated or donated.


Earlier tonight I took part in a poker tournament being put on by the SGA. (The Students association here on campus). I ended up winning the tournament and received some gift cards to restaurants in town and a grocery store. Basically the ideal prize for a student. There will be a few more poker tournaments throughout the year so be sure to stay tuned to see me defend my title.


This past week was also my Mens Hockey debut here in Sudbury. I am playing on a team called the Twocans, and our first matchup was against a team that was made up of students as well. The game went down to the wire, with us scoring with 4 seconds left in the 3rd period to send it to a shootout. It is safe to say that we won the shootout and took home the bragging rights. The game was super intense and if it is any indication of the rest of the season, I am in for a blast!


Coming up on the schedule is our floors boatcruise tomorrow night. The theme in semi-formal so hopefully we can take some nice pictures that I’ll be able to post on my next blog. Then early Saturday morning, my buddy Andy and I are heading to Ottawa for the weekend. Then the weekend after is the big baseball tournament for rez. Our team (4th and 5th floor UC Rez) is looking pretty good so maybe my next blog will be on how it felt to win the tournament? KNOCK ON WOOD.


I hope everyone is getting into their routines now that school is in full swing and if you aren’t…try to. Routines make it easier to stay focused and will lead to success in and out of the classroom.


That’s it for now, Ill talk to you guys soon!


Blog ya later,

Just 4th floor FREEZE ready to rock out for Terry Fox!!

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