We’ve all heard it before: “There’s nothing to do in Sudbury.”

I used to be one of those people too, but after having been to a few cities in Canada and abroad, I started to realize that everyone says that about their city, even though I was always able to find plenty of cool things to do. Sometimes you just have to break out of your normal routine and look around, there are a lot more things going on up here than you think! This Sudbury Summer Living Series will showcase our city’s best and show you how any Sudburian can make their weekend a new adventure, all while supporting local businesses!

This week is all about arts and culture in our beautiful city of Sudbury. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a Fine Arts major to enjoy the weekend I have planned for you. If you like trying new things and being entertained, you’ll definitely enjoy it!

  • Want to see what this weekend has in store for you? See the map here!


To start off your weekend, head over to the Fromagerie Elgin after work for some tasty food and drinks. Chances are there’ll be live music or an art exhibit going on as well!

Then, take a short walk over to the Sudbury Theatre Centre to see Yes Theatre’s Hairspray, starting August 12th. I saw them perform at the Our Crater Launch Party and trust me, the cast is amazing!


Take a stroll down Elgin St. and check out Artists on Elgin and Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario. There you’ll see great works by local and francophone artists. If you continue on our Downtown Sudbury streets, you’re sure to find some hidden street art and gorgeous murals!

Feeling hungry after all that art? Click here!

When you’re ready for dinner, treat yourself with a great meal from Oscar’s Grill, then check out some local live music at the Townehouse Tavern to finish off the night.


Spend the day browsing the Art Gallery of Sudbury then take a walk on the Bell Park boardwalk to end your weekend with great views of Ramsey Lake.

Want to add a picnic to that Bell Park walk? Click here!

Let me know what you think of your artsy Sudbury weekend, and comment below with more great local ideas! Enjoy!

  • Don’t forget to take a look at Our Crater for more ways to live local this summer!


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  1. Helen Mackin says:

    Spend the day browsing the Art Gallery of Sudbury? Was just there and it didn’t take 15 minutes to view the meager amount of art on display, I was so disappointed! Can’t our great city have a bit more to offer?

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