Hello to all my Laurentian students. University is in full swing now and we’re all quite busy. From organizing your studies to organizing your friends and food, its a stressful time for all of us. Morning classes are getting tougher as the temperature steadily drops in the great white north. Productivity dips as your room in the Huntington Castle becomes cluttered with empty candy wrapers and scattered pages from your lectures. Personally, lack of organization always leads to a lack of productivity and an increase in procrastination. And this is where my blog begins.

Organizing your life: The apps to better the student better

If your anything like me, your Iphone screen is scatters with a plethora of apps. From Instagram to Flappy Bird to the notorious Candy Crush; most students alike share this in common. Apps are a wonderful thing. They can connect us to our friends and to the world but most importantly they can connect the student to their studies.


1. EasyBib

For iOS and Android

For iOS and Android

If you don’t already have EasyBib its about time. Take the time to hop on the app store and download this lifesaver.

Writing papers in University is a full time job. The bibliography is overtime. No need to spend countless extra hours meticulously constructing your bibliography for the few extra percentage points you can get. Let the power of the app do the work for you.

EasyBib helps you format your complete list of references in over 7,000 citation styles, including APA (American Psychological Association) and MLA (Modern Language Association) styles. With EasyBib you can simply just input the name of the book and the rest is done for you. Another option is to scan the books barcode and the app will generate the citation for you. Didn’t think this could get any better did you…. well it does. The app is absolutely FREE to use. Saving you those extra pennies.


2. Evernote

For iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and even Blackberry

For iOS, Apple Watch, Android, Windows, and even Blackberry

Evernote, though unheard of for many, it’s worth a download and well worth the 95.2 MB of free space it consumes.

Evernote is an organization app with more. You can make to-do lists, set reminders, take notes, attach files, create agendas and access everything the app has to offer through any device. The app can also take a photo and save it as a document, post-in note or even business card. Even better, the notes you take can have file attachments. They can be sorted, tagged, annotated, edited, given comments, searched, and exported as part of a notebook.

In the day of Candy Crush and Snapchat its time to get Evernote. You can organize your dates into a clean, classy schedule. Or you can use it to keep track and organize your studies, get ahead of the study game or use it as a gentle reminder that that exam is at 8AM not 8PM Monday. Or use it for both…. the world is your oyster.

And by the way. It’s FREE. More money saved for those delicious chicken nuggets.


3. MyStudyLife

For iOS, Android, and Microsoft

For iOS, Android, and Microsoft

If you’re anything like me then this app is for you. MyStudyLife conveniently organizes your classes. Meaning, no more missed, exams, or assignments.

The app replaces any and all paper planners. Saving your GPA and saving the trees while your at it. If this doesn’t put a smile on your face, then the apps ability to colour code all your classes will!

I personally use this app everyday and its been a lifesaver to say the least. My Study Life is able to manage all you classes with day and week long timetables. Keeping you aware of tasks and upcoming exams.

But wait, the best part is yet to come. The app is completely free! Again, saving you those hard earned pennies for something more delicious like a ice cream Sunday.

4. Duolingo 

For iOS, Android, and Windows

For iOS, Android, and Windows

Have you ever wanted to learn another language? Maybe your travelling to Italy this summer and want some of the language basics before you go. Or maybe you have your eye on that Brazilian exchange student and want to impress him/her with a a quick conversation in Portuguese.

I used Duolingo before traveling to Germany on exchange and it helped more than you can imagine. This being why it’s been chosen as my fourth essential app every student needs. Not only is Duolingo an effective way to learn a new language… it is also tremendously fun. Who knew learning could be fun.

The app works by providing a variety of listening, speaking, translation, and multiple choice challenges. Offering 40 different language courses with 23 languages to date. The app pairs new words with pictures similar to the popular Rosetta Stone but without the 300 dollar price tag.

The best feature of the app is yet to come. You guessed it… it’s FREE!

Ending Notes

University is busy for all students alike. Managing your very complicated lives is a time consuming juggling act to say the least. We eat, sleep, drink, study, write exams, hand in assignments, send snapchats, and lose our room keys. We spend money on books, food, and the occasional extra curricular activity. But there’s a way to ease the pain, at least a little. And that way is most likely in your pocket right now. We are lucky enough to have the technology at our finger tips to organize or lives and our studies. USE IT!

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