1) You get to visit the country’s capital. Yes it’s BIG! and it has a lot to offer.

Model Parliament Prashad1

2) Tour the Canadian Parliament Building

Model Parliament Prashad2

3) You get to actually Sit/Talk in the “House of Commons”

Model Parliament Prashad3

4) You get to SUIT UP! #dressforsuccess

Model Parliament Prashad4

5) Feeling like a BOSS when sitting in the “Mr.Speaker” chair

Model Parliament Prashad5

6) Wine and Dine at the famous Hotel “Le Chateau Laurier”

Model Parliament Prashad6

7) You meet interesting people on the street

Model Parliament Prashad7

8) Hotel Partying, Relax and Get Loose, Meet people and Make some FRIENDS!!

Model Parliament Prashad8

9) 2Words…Byward-Market, you will fall in love with this place, restaurants, shops, bars etc., Y’all will be there with your friends when the sun sets.

Model Parliament Prashad9

10) Life isn’t “Legendary” if your Friends aren’t there to witness it

Model Parliament Prashad10

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  1. […] While many Canadian universities host some sort of mock-parliament event, LU’s is special for many reasons, the two most prominent being that Model Parliament is open to all students, rather than just those studying law or poli-sci, and that LU is one of the only Canadian schools which actually takes students to Ottawa and hosts their mock parliament in the House of Commons at Parliament Hill. The three-day event is always very popular with students, and last year Kathleen Wynne even made an appearance. You can also check out student bloggers’ posts  here. […]

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